Hello, my friends! I’ve been struggling on what to write about for my first blog post so I’ve decided to just pick up my laptop, start writing and see what comes to me!


First and foremost, let me say, “Welcome!” I am happy to have you here! As many of you know, I am a full time Realtor but I aminsanely passionate about furniture, antiques and decorating. I have to admit that one too many times I have been showing a house to a client and have become totally distracted by a gorgeous mid-century buffet in immaculate condition tucked away on the 3rd floor of an old house. Thankfully, my clients think it’s hilarious and are so accustomed to it that they actually send me links to Facebook flea market posts with great finds they think I would love or pass off their own pieces to me that they know I will refurbish and give new life!

My husband, Nate (we’re married 4 whole weeks, by the way! woohoo!), jokes that we are eventually going to have to open up a storefront, even though we live on property that includes a two car garage and a FIVE car garage (yes, that’s seven total, folks)! I’m filling them up fast! Nate finds me–much too often– apprehensively asking, “honey, are you free tomorrow night?” and he just automatically responds with, “what are we picking up now?” Thankfully, he loves me and knows that my furniture obsession makes me oh-so-happy, so he tolerates it!

To give you a little background on the name of my blog: Our nephew called me Coco when he was little because let’s face it–Dakota is a little difficult for a toddler to say! So now, it has become my family nickname. And over the years, I have received an abundance of comments on how “cozy” I decorate my home…hence, the name– Cozy Up with Coco!

My hope is that my blog will be a place where you want to cuddle up in your favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee and get some inspiration for how to make your home cozy! Let’s all share ideas for making our homes as cozy as possible! I am so excited for you to join me on this journey!